Red wine


Teran is high quality dry wine made from Refosk grapes grown in the mineral-rich terra rossa soils and special climate at Karst. Grounds are very rich in acids and high iron which explains the special nature of this red wine,s almost violet colour due to certain wine acids and minerals. The special taste of wine is the result of high percentage of lactic acid due to biological malo-lactic fermentation.

The medicinal properties of Kraski Teran have been confirmed by modern day medicine: lactic acid stimulates the appetite and facilitates digestion of fatty foods; more importantly, Kraski Teran contains substantial quantities of bivalent iron.

We gourmet drink Kraski Teran with prsut ( prosciutto or air-dried ham ) which are the legendary pair of Karst cuisine.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon makes the most dependable candidate for aging more often improving into a truly great wine than any other single varietal. With age, its distinctive black currant aroma can develop bouquet nuances of cedar, violets, leather, or cigar box and its typically tannic edge may soften and smooth considerably.

It is the most widely planted vine Cabernet sauvignon berries are small, spherical with black, thick and very tough skin. This toughness makes the grapes fairly resistant to disease and spoilage and able to withstand some autumn rains with little damage. It is a mid to late season ripener. These growth characteristics, along with its flavor appeal have made Cabernet Sauvignon one of the most popular red wine varieties worldwide.

The best growing sites for producing quality wines from Cabernet Sauvignon are in moderately warm, semi-arid regions providing a long growing season, on well-drained, not-too-fertile soils.

Typically, Cabernet Sauvignon wines smell like black currants with a degree of bell pepper or weediness, varying in intensity with climatic conditions, viticulture practices, and vinification techniques. Climates and vintages that are either too cool or too warm, rich soils, too little sun exposure, premature harvesting, and extended maceration are factors that may lead to more vegetative, less fruity character in the resulting wine.

In the mouth, Cabernet can have liveliness and even a degree of richness, yet usually finishes with firm astringency.



We placed liqueurs under the trade mark BANIČEVA VINA (BANIC WINE) which is nickname for our farmhous. The origin of the name is from the date 1788 which is engraved at our portal and it’s artistic language represented the farmhous fertility in that old times. Fruit We like to live healthy so we are labour to produce fruit and vegetable in cohabitation with nature.

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